Unmatched Granite Warranty

Any guarantee is only as good as the company that gives it. Our company is our people and our people are the reason we have prospered in business since 1917.

When you purchase from Sunburst Memorials, you’re buying more than just granite, you’re buying over 100 years of pride, integrity and reputation.

Our quality is unsurpassed. We offer the finest granites, techniques and technologies. But these are not enough; our flawless creations only happen because our stone masons are artisans who are committed to the goal of complete perfection. All of our employees are committed to the goal of complete customer satisfaction.

Peace of mind is priceless. Purchase from someone you can trust.

If you are dissatisfied with your memorial, we will rework it or replace it to your complete satisfaction. This is our written guarantee.

Guarantee Updated 8 19 20