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Memorial Options

We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind designs & duplicate memorials.

View our gallery below to see just a few ideas on how we can help you chose the perfect way to memorialize your loved ones.

Flat York Ref 830962 Amber Glow


Matlock, Ia Greenwood Mesabi Blk Ss Tree Design Standard 6 In. Bevel


Slant Loosbrock Ref 831100 Amber Glow


Upright Aamot Ref So10498 Amber Glow


Bench Olson Ref 1


Custom Bluse Ref So13757 Jet Black India Aurora Indian Mahogany


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Cremation & Mausoleums

Bronze 2


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Home & Office Stones

Scipi and North Central Sign


Granville Area Veteran Memorial

Veteran Memorials

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Granite Options


“Memorials” covers a wide range of offerings to commemorate people and events. Cemetery monuments or memorials normally include single, companion, or a memorial for your entire family that may be together in a central area.

“Memorials” also covers other items in a cemetery, or a church or community, which are dedicated to a person, event or in memory of a person or event. An excellent example is a Veteran’s Memorial which is dedicated to the people and the ideals they fought for.

Create a Lasting Tribute


Custom Pieces of Art

Our professional designers, some with over 30 years of experience, are specifically trained to work with granite. Many techniques for other art forms are not possible with such a hard, durable medium. Custom shapes and finishes, floral designs, hunting and fishing scenes, and emblems for the importance of duty, God or country are skillfully drawn. We want to enhance the overall design concepts, color, and tone of the chosen granite. We also can use laser etchings to provide intricate detail.


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