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What To Expect When Selecting A Memorial

We understand that selecting the perfect memorial can be an emotional experience.  Our team is committed to make the process smooth for you and your family.  When you purchase a Sunburst Memorial, you are buying more than just granite. You are buying over 100 years of pride, integrity, and reputation. We offer a variety of the finest quality granite quarried both locally & from around the world. We pride ourselves on generations of craftmanship. All of us with Sunburst Memorials are committed to exemplary service and to your satisfaction.  


Working with us 

Whether you prefer phone, email, virtual meetings or in person, you will be treated with compassion and care. Our team will guide you through the memorial process, taking care of everything from design through setting. We will not rush, nor push you, but rather allow you to decide the pace of the process. We will work closely with the cemetery to ensure the memorial is within their regulations.

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The Perfect Memorial 

We believe the perfect memorial is not just names and dates, but also the design, the granite color, the shape, and a price you are comfortable with. Using our design software, we will create the perfect memorial together. You will receive a scaled drawing to review and approve before any work begins.


Expert Craftsmanship 

For generations we have been custom crafting memorials. We have some of the most talented designers and artisans in the business to help create a memorial that uniquely tells your story. We are dedicated to ensuring your memorial is crafted with the design and care it deserves.

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New Prague Memorial Setters

Final Steps

We know how important this process is. We try to keep you updated on the progress of your memorial, sharing realistic timeframes so you know what to expect. Once the memorial is completed and ready for setting, we will give you a tentative timeline on these final steps. Our team, including our setters, work with the cemetery to ensure the memorial is placed where it should be. Once the memorial is set, we will share a picture with you.


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